Monday, March 15, 2010

The PS3 Slim Ad Campaign

It only does everything.

...except play PS2 games like the early versions of the console.

...or run Linux like those same early versions.

...or process most graphics with the same level of efficiency as the Xbox 360 due to the cell processor being basically a poorly conceived integrated graphics chip (though admittedly the PS3's processor is like a mini-supercomputer).

...or play PAL-region DVDs (yes, I have some -- bootleg concert DVDs from Europe), if you're not in a PAL region to begin with.

...or play in 4-player mode without an additional USB multitap due to the fact that there are only 2 USB ports.

...or connect to a high-speed network for the purpose of online gaming or software downloads, because, though the PSN is free, it's pretty slow.

...or come with high-quality and well-regarded customer service -- allegedly; to be fair my experience with Sony's support in general has been very good but I've heard one too many horror stories, and my own experiences were more with a repair technician coming in to service one of my roommate's Vaio laptops, and not had much experience with any PS3 service issues personally.

I suppose we could even get into more pedantic arguments about "everything" such as fellating the user or cooking breakfast being part of the services it performs, as well, but that would honestly be silly and not to the point of the article anyway.

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