Friday, April 9, 2010

The Games I Would Buy Already If I Wasn't Near Broke

So, this list is as much for my benefit as for yours, largely about games that I want to get but can't because I don't have adequate funds at the current moment for them.

Pokemon Heart Gold (NDS)
I had missed out on the pokemon craze back in the days. I'm not interested in starting from square one, but I'm putting a little time into Pokemon Yellow. Even though I still see the game as only having 150 of the little buggers, I still have a bit of OCD nagging at me about getting EVERY LAST ONE. To that end, I would need to trade with other people, so being able to do so over the internet is a godsend. I have a couple people who would be available regularly for trading, too, so that would be cool. Besides, Gold and Silver are supposed to be the peak of Pokemon, so I ought to at least try it once, and go with a souped-up remake of them.

It's been discounted on Amazon recently, but not as greatly as it was a few weeks ago. I guess I missed the boat -- if only I had a little more cash at that time, I'd have gotten it. I'd have probably been OK doing so, and it'd be a good game to keep me busy during flights and such.

Madworld (Wii)

After Bayonetta, I'm at least temporarily obsessed with Platinum Games. Seriously, it rocked me so hard and I'm jonesing for a new fix. Madworld may not be a long game, from what I've heard, but it's stylish, ultraviolent to the point of comical, and has Greg Proops in it.

It's also around $8 on Amazon. Another damn good buy.

Ōkami (PS2 or Wii)

Before they were Platinum, they were Clover, under Capcom. This is one of the games from those days, something of a brawler where you play as the Shinto sun god Amaterasu and get to be a wolf. It apparently suffers from the opposite issue of Madworld -- it is very, very long for an action game. I still want it though, if for no other reason than it's one of the few more modern games that has a particularly appealing visual style. Of course, the game seems at least decently fun and would probably be a good start on the Clover back catalog.

Also fairly cheap on Amazon, somewhere around $10 for the Wii version. Though it doesn't look as nice, I can't really see myself being able to stand drawing things with the PS2 joysticks. Might get it for PS2 anyway, though, since it's not a huge difference otherwise, and might end up cheaper. I'll have to see.

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (Wii, PS2)

Also another one I want. It's only just come out so unlikely to be particularly cheap. However, I am madly in love with Valkyria Chronicles -- it has fun gameplay, a pretty cool story, and a lovely visual style (vaguely reminiscent of Okami). This here is the game that the team behind VC made before they did that one. It's a strategy RPG with dating sim conversation trees in it. That second part isn't really essential to the larger gameplay and can't lead to a game over, but the ability to develop personal relationships with some of the girls in the game is no doubt a significant reason the series has been huge in Japan.

I actually have copies of the first two Sakura Taisen titles for Saturn, gotten cheap from eBay. I've never played them for more than 2 minutes because I don't speak Japanese and there's a lot of dialogue before the first battle, but I needed them after VC because I could find them cheap and SSF is a great Saturn emulator.

I probably won't be getting this one for a while since it just came out and likely won't drop too heavily in price for a while. Still, at least it's something other than FF13.

Resonance of Fate (360, PS3)

This strikes me as what VC would probably have been if it was outsourced by Square. It's by tri-Ace (the Valkyrie Profile people) but actually published by Sega -- just like VC. I will probably play the demo before I do anything else, and likely get the 360 since I have so little confidence in most PS3 ports.
I think I will refer to it as Valkyria Profile in the future.

These are just some of the more notable new releases I'm looking into. I still have a number of GB and SNES games I need to get caught up on. Pity Hagane is such a hard game to find because that looks exactly like the sort of thing I want.

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