Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm worn out

I have been very busy which is why the two of you who read this blog with any sort of frequency will note that there haven't been any significant updates in several days. After working on a lengthy lab report and re-learning LaTeX in the process, I've finished up a problem set for Electricity/Magnetism. Naturally this is the point where I can no longer think straight and just finish up with whatever I have on the paper because it won't get any better than this. If I stay up much later I'll just fall asleep in class, leading to trouble in the lab period or getting behind in future assignments.

Usually I try to reserve 2-3 days to work on these, but the last several days have, again, been used up by the lab report I've been needing to type. Thankfully I suspect that future lab reports will take somewhat less time in order to complete. Of course, the longer I work, the less efficiently I work, as well. I think it's little surprise that the first couple problems went particularly easily, though it's probably also because they actually were a bit easier, being purely mathematical in nature.

One problem that I had a mental block on was one involving the capacitance per unit length of two (oppositely charged, as these problems have them set up, in order to be real conducting capacitors) coaxial hollow cylinders. I've got an answer that at least appears plausible, but it could very likely be completely wrong. In any case I've been spending this evening with an extreme case of "toroid rage". That's the term I'm going to use from now on for situations in which I have difficulty working with symmetries inherent in the math and physics problems I'm expected to solve.

The good news is that Thursday has no homework attached to it, which might just mean that I'll get to finally fold the laundry that's been sitting in the dryer all afternoon (which I put into the washing machine last night).

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