Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awesome cool stuff that's happened to me recently

If you felt that last post felt a bit more disjointed than usual, there's a reason for that. I'll detail the story here.

The grocery store near the campus has, since around October, been giving out points redeemable for Cuisinart kitchen appliances. Because we don't have a meal plan, we end up shopping there quite often, and go there every couple of days, often buying lots of soda and lunch meat (which I usually have as a quick lunch). The selection is okay, but not amazing. I can't even find cheap boneless, skinless chicken breasts most of the time. I had to get chicken tenders instead, last night, which aren't as good for the purposes I was trying to fulfill -- basically baked breaded whole breasts.

Anyway, the store's main appeal is that it's really close to the college, and open late every day. And again, the points service. It ended recently; it only ran for a couple months, presumably so that the chain wouldn't have to honor a lot of the coupon books. However, possibly due to the fact that nobody participated, some of the cashiers would give us far more than we should for the points -- they're supposed to give one for every $10 spent, but it ended up coming closer to $2-3 instead. It wasn't very long until we collected the 120 points that we needed to get a blender/food processor combo unit, which we had been saving up for primarily.

And we kept getting points! We didn't stop shopping and even maybe bought a little more than usual to collect more so that we could get other things. It didn't take as long because the cashiers became almost insanely generous with the points (we got like 25 stamps one time for a $25 purchase very near the end of the promotion), and all the other things we got required far fewer points to redeem. We have now a free toaster and a waffle iron as well. The latter will be used, you may be surprised to learn, primarily for preparing bacon, and the former will be used for eggo waffles and pancakes.

We also got a nice coffee maker, though we paid $30 for it because we could only get it half-off. It's huge -- a 12-cup coffee maker with programmable settings (such that it can turn on and start brewing before I wake up so I can rise to a nice cup of coffee) and a charcoal water filter. I bought some coffee last night at Dunkin Donuts because my roommate had to choose between that and watching the first Star Trek film, and though the smell and taste of coffee are nearly enough to bring him to extended fits of nausea, that's still nothing compared to the first Star Trek film (I couldn't even stand watching it for 10 minutes).

Since that was around 10:00 last night, having coffee then wouldn't be a good idea, so I waited until this morning to try some of the coffee with the maker. It was tasty, if a little bitter (and hell, this is coffee we're talking about here so it's not like it wouldn't be). I think it's better with a little sugar added, wimpy though some may find the practice of sweetening coffee to be.

I made more than a single cup, so I left the carafe in the refrigerator in order to make ice coffee (or just cold coffee, I guess -- I don't want to dilute it with ice).

Anyway, that's why my thoughts are a bit less coherent than usual. I had coffee, after not sleeping as well as I might have liked.

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