Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So There's Pretty Little To Catch In HeartGold Remaining

...To complete the Johto 'Dex (excepting a Mew and a Celebi which are basically event pokemon that I'll hopefully be able to get through Mystery Gift), the following pokemon are what still need to be acquired by catching/trade (I have several I need to fully evolve, but that's a different matter, really):

Update: names in green have been caught already. I was on planes and in airports all day Friday but forgot about the lapras. Perhaps at the end of this week I'll remember it.
  • Pinsir (which I am trying to get for a Scyther on the idea if it'll work or not)
  • Heracross (sadly, headbutting is a lot more effort than it's worth sometimes since an encounter isn't guaranteed -- nor is it particularly likely to encounter one, and that's the only way to get a heracross)
  • Aipom (yeah, another headbutting pokemon -- seems more effort than it's worth at times)
  • Tyrogue (sadly the game seems to lock up in the cave where the dude who gives him out is)
  • Lapras (can't get one until Friday, sadly, since it only shows up in Union Cave on that day -- thankfully it's not like the legendaries and just shows up every week)
Yeah, that's a grand total of 5 pokemon. I've beaten all the gym leaders, Red, the Elite Four (TWICE!) and gotten all the legendaries I can get without the aid of a trade for SoulSilver groudon (which would give me the ability to catch rayquaza...but I could always import both from a copy of, say, Emerald).

Anyway, my team of pokemon was a bit typical, and they were vastly underleveled compared to Red. Because of how I played the game (rarely saving after losing a battle, in fact) I was able to acquire lots of money and thus faced up against him with something like 47 hyper potions and like 20 revives (and a couple very handy max revives I'd found in caves and had been saving for this occasion). The list of my pokemon is as follows -- keeping in mind that most of Red's pokemon are in the 82-88 level range.

  • Ampharos -- Level 70, "BaaHumbug" (female) Actually the name got more appropriate as it learned more moves from level-up. It's strong, moderately fast, and has a pretty high defense. But it's notably really really strong. I've been battling pokemon in the Battle Frontier and, since everyone's levels are scaled, I notice that I can one-hit-kill everyone except those who are completely invulnerable to the types of attacks he has -- which is pretty much none since each attack is of a different type (though only the electric attack gets a same-type bonus). Those of you who've used an ampharos know that as they're a 2nd-stage evolution, they're fucking broken. Mine also tends to paralyze on physical contact and has attacks that cause confusion or paralysis, which made her hard to capture but awesome to use.
  • Quagsire -- Level 66, "Sir Axalot" (female) Yes, as this is female I know "Dame Axalot" or "Lady Axalot" would be more correct, but she's so fucking built unless you squinted really hard you wouldn't be able to tell. Fucking tank for its level, and completely immune to electric (crucial for a water-type), as well as actually gaining health from water-attacks. Sure, she's double-weak to grass, but that's not a big deal. Got good defense and a ground attack that can, again, one-shot a level 88 pikachu like Red's. Also is a bit of an HM tool, as my default surfer. Might consider removing one of the HMs to teach another type of attack.
  • Charizard -- Level 57, "Kaminatma" (male) Actually named for the lady who gifted me this pokemon in exchange for something like a mankey (I think), bred and raised right from level 1 (through a ditto breed). The 1.5x bonus on experience gotten from fights made him really easy to level up. Sure, he's a starter but he's also a 2nd-stage evolution on the fire type which is exceedingly rare. His flying-type helps to take out the fighting pokemon, destroys most grass-types, and his notable weaknesses to water and electric are completely covered by Sir Axalot. Sure, there's a double-weakness to rock, but they're weak to both of Sir Axalot's types, as well as steel and grass. Also insanely fast, though Red's venusaur's sludge bomb puts it in for a world of hurt, at least at this level -- it's 27 levels underneath it, so it only takes out half its health in one hit.
  • Sneasel -- Level 60, "Wildweasel" (female) Actually named for a dude who was in the channel when I needed a name for this one. I have him on my party because he is damn fast with good defense, and is part ice-type making him crucial for taking out dragon types (actually wasn't as huge a player with Lance at the time due to being underleveled when I fought him, but I'm saving him for battles with friends who use pseudo-legendary dragons at their top evolutions which are doubly ice-weak). His special attack is crap, sure, but who cares when he has physical attacks of multiple types? Also he was indispensable as a meat shield against mewtwo, since his dark-type meant he was immune to his attack.
  • Gengar -- level 59, "Deadweight" (male) Along with Sir Axalot and BaaHumbug, one of my first catches. I love ghost-types for some reason. Is it the immunity to ground, fighting, and normal attacks? Is it their use of the ability curse, which cuts off half their HP to cause the opponent to have an uncurable poisoning effect, which combined with an attack like mean look, prevents the opponent from escaping and with hypnosis prevents them from even attacking, while they get worn away to death? Is it because they're completely fucking broken in the card game, able to do 50-damage attacks for two energy cards or 10-damage with guaranteed sleep? (Seriously, the duo is nearly unstoppable unless your deck is filled with colorless pokemon -- but a little base-set machop fixes that easily.) Anyway the correct answer is, as is almost cliche for questions like all of these, all of the above. Holy crap do I love Deadweight, especially for helping me capture rarer pokemon. I am actually his original trainer but traded him away for a couple minutes solely to evolve him to get better stat bonuses. He is hells of speedy, and makes for a damn good sacrifice play. Sadly, he's psychic weak due to the poison subtype which is bullshit in my opinion, but that makes him a good pair with Sneasel.
  • VENUSAUR -- Level 57 (male) You know what? He's got a couple status moves too but he's so low-level and kinda slow and ice-weak so Red's Blastoise can still make easy work of him. He's also slow. I seriously only send him in for helping capture wild pokemon that are relatively common, and for trying to inflict additional chronic damage effects (leech seed). I also got him from a trade with someone who didn't want to give him an interesting nickname (actually the dude who picked up poor ol' Marty Grass YEAH SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR NOT NAMING THE GUY), and since he's from a trade I can't rename him. I'm thinking of replacing him with something like a Skarmory, which due to being part-steel has defense against practically everything. Sure, he's fire and electric weak, but that's good for Sir Axalot, who's strong against the one type and immune to the other. Also the steel type has resistance to nearly everything, so at high levels that dude will be hard to dent. The only reason I haven't added one already is that I only got one recently, since I have HeartGold and they're native to SoulSilver only.
I think I'm addicted to the damn game. Further, I've bought it for my plane trip on Friday but all I have left to do is catch those pokemon I mentioned, the roaming Latias, and special pokemon and items from Mystery Gift and I'll have every pokemon available in the game.

Also I am *considering* loaning out my Kyogre for a Groudon at a later date to someone interested in catching a Rayquaza in HG/SS, which requires both of the two in order to get it. Of course, I'm also considering getting either Ruby or Emerald and taking care of most of the pokemon unique to those games via Pal Park to add them to my collection in this game (I WILL COMPLETE THE DAMN NATIONAL 'DEX, DAMMIT) and trade away the extras for, say, some of the Diamon/Pearl/Platinum legendaries. (Anyone have an extra fateful event (gift) Arceus they can spare to unlock the extra legendaries hidden in the Ruins of Alph?) This will also take care of the issue of the starter pokemon from Hoenn, which I only get one of.

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